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From: Nicholas Tan
Re: The 3 secrets to Building Wealth FAST! 
October 20th 2016

Dear friend,
If you are looking for a higher quality of life and financial freedom FAST and I mean real FAST, then  Building Wealth Club is for you. The Building Wealth KIASU system of quality education, networking club and our multi-million dollar opportunities and deals will help you get there FAST.
Nicholas Tan
You are stressed out with your JOB and do not have enough money and time for your family. You try  to work harder and harder but the results of your efforts are slow and you feel that you are wasting your life working for someone else. You look around you and everyone is complaining and unhappy. You want to improve your quality of life but it is very difficult as you do not have access to the right knowledge, network or opportunities. Your expectations of life far outweigh your current reality.
You want to own your own time and control your own life. You want do the things you love. You  want to spend time with your family and travel to the most exotic cities to experience new culture and life. You want to be happy and free.
You are really a wonderful coach. Guiding all of us and helping us for our business strategy. Thank  you for being a wonderful person. Bringing all of us towards the world of business and motivating all of us, thank you.
These past 15 weeks had been a pleasure and I would like to thank you for your tolerance and  having humbly shared your vast experience with us. It is a pleasure knowing you sir, you are a living testament of how dreams do come true. It has been a pleasure knowing Nicholas. 
Muhammad Fareez Bin Zinal
Thank for the support you gave me, after all that I have given you, you still choose to have faith in  me. I have nothing to say but I am really touched. Well needless to say, you are a fantastic teacher 
– Tan Zhi Hong
“Hunger for knowledge” is the biggest gift a physical teacher can give, for a real teacher is one but  myself. Thank you for helping me understand this and that each and everyone of us has the power to control our lives 
Joseph Chua
You are an inspiration. I have not met someone as young as you who has done as much as you and  yet willing to teach! 
– Nur Raihan
INTRODUCING THE Building Wealth “KIASU” System
“KIASU” is a famous Singapore term for afraid of losing. As a country, it is the culture that made  Singapore so successful. It is based on the relentless pursuit for knowledge, opportunities and hard work.
1. Education – Your mind determines how much wealth you can hold. If you want to own a million dollar property or a million dollar business or a priceless relationship, you must first have the knowledge and the mind to hold them else you will lose it very quickly. We have all heard of lottery owners who have squandered their winnings away within a very short time.

Building Wealth offers many training courses and free 1 on 1 strategy calls for our  members.
2. Network – Your network determines your wealth. Low net worth people complain about life  when they meet, high net worth people are energised by ideas and opportunities. Look at the friends you hang out with and your net worth is probably the average of them. You must 
surround yourself with successful and positive minded people around you if you want to  improve your quality of life.

Building Wealth Private Club offers you the network and all the high net worth individuals  you need to become more successful.
3. Opportunities – Opportunities are everywhere and they will appear when you are ready.  You need to put yourself in the space where business and investment opportunities are readily shared. We all know the best investments are done privately and you expose yourself to thousands of serious buyers and sellers in the market. We have only 1 commandment as investors.

Rule no 1 – Do not lose money

Rule no 2? Go back to rule no 1

The Building Wealth managers are the authority for all brokers as we act as the  intermediary between buyer and sellers, brokers and agents. We ensure both sides are real and genuine before we introduce. We help our members close the multi-million dollar deals at the speed of trust.
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